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For those of you that are not Facebook users, here's a recap:

1.)  Automatic Folding Family Tent

2.)  All-in-One Tent Light & Fan Combo

3.)  Outdoor Solar Camping Shower

4.)  4 Piece Outdoor Cookware Set  Anyone Hungry?


5.)  Outdoor Flush Toilet/Port-a-Potty  Not only for Camping & Hunting, use it in your RV or Boat too.

6.)  Hydration Pack  Great for Hikers, Bikers, Etc.

7.)  Outdoor Survival Paracord Bracelet with Compass, Magnesium Striker, Whistle & More.

8.)  40L Backpack


9.)  Sling Backpack with Detachable Water Bottle Pouch

10.)  Outdoor Parachute Hammock for 2 people  

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At Route 26 Goods, you have 194 items to choose from and more on the way.  The items above are only a taste of what route26goods.com has to offer!

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